Features in XSeen V0.7-RC1

Screenshot of interactive 3D scene containing an animated model of an Opel at a Nevada pull-outXSeen V0.7 release candidate 1 (RC1) is now available on GitHub. This release was motivated by a need for better environment handling and support for CAD models. XSeen continues to be fully integrated with HTML5 and more attributes were added to interactive DOM support. It incorporates the following features:

  1. Use of device camera to supply scene background
  2. Photospheres for scene background
  3. External XSeen file (src attribute for x-scene)
  4. Material assets and reuse
  5. Additional scene camera features
  6. New geometry for customized work (Indexed triangle sets)
  7. Additional input attribute functions
  8. Improved event handling and DOM interaction

Photospheres and device cameras are some of the features that were added to increase the environment capability. Triangles, material assets, and event handling were added or improved specifically to enhance support for CAD models.

All XSeen tags and attributes continue to be fully HTML5 compatible. The naming and operation of attributes is derived from or inspired by similar features in HTML5.

The home page example has been updated with an example that uses a new glTF model (animated Opel), and a photosphere background.

Some of these features necessitated changes to existing nodes, especially x-background and x-camera. These are documented in the supplied links. The tag x-triangles was added to support indexed triangle sets. This allows the content creator to define shapes in XSeen with the full material properties of the existing solid shapes.