Assets and Reuse – New to V0.7

Material definitions can be reused between nodes. This is similar to the style3d feature in that a single set of definitions are used in multiple locations; however, assets differ from style3d in that the component is created once and reused every place that component is specified. The asset tag specifies a collection (zero or more) of components that are used in the scene. At this time only material is supported. Material specifies the non-geometric properties of objects. These include all of the material properties in the solids tag class, including color, texture, opacity, PBR, etc. You would use this feature to save memory when the material properties of a number of objects are identical. This is documented in

The example has a drop-down list of textured mapped assets that are defined in the scene. Selecting a texture camera an immediate change to the all solids. This example is combined with multiple cameras.