XSeen V0.8 Released

A new version of XSeen has been released. The two primary features for this version are:

  1. enhanced support for AR using your mobile device camera
  2. support for ‘xr-‘ prefix in addition to ‘x-‘ for all nodes

In addition to the primary features several secondary features were added including

  1. enhanced events and event handling
  2. support for cubemaps are resources
  3. improved splash screen display
  4. new XSeen control attrbutes on x-scene tag.
  5. moving documentation to GitHub

The complete list of changes are at https://github.com/DrX3D/XSeen/blob/master/Documentation/ReleaseNotes-V.8.md

This release allows XSeen to function as a full-suite XR platform for all desktop/laptop and Android devices. Apple has made a choice to limit non-Safari browser access to the camera and limits Safari access to WebGL. This makes iPhones and iPads unsuitable as AR devices when using a browser. This will be addressed in a future post.

XSeen V0.8 is preparing for a V1.0 release. V1.0 will use web components for all tags. In that version the tag prefix will be ‘xr-‘ to best describe XSeen’s purpose. For V0.8 the ‘xr-‘ prefix is supported for all tags. The parser recognizes both ‘xr-‘ and ‘x-‘. This will also be true for V0.9. V1.0 will deprecate the use of ‘x-‘ prefix. All ‘x-‘ tags will be converted to ‘xr-‘. This will require an extra parsing step. Make the effort now to  convert your code.


Museum background: ©2011,  Masakazu Matsumoto.  Details
Turbine model: ©2018, blenderbirb. Details