XSeen is pure JavaScript code + CSS. The necessary files can be downloaded (below), pulled from the GitHub repository, or directly accessed from There are three files needed to properly run XSeen. These are

  1. XSeen language and run-time
  2. XSeen CSS
  3. XSeen external file

The release version XSeen language/run time and CSS are available on and GitHub. The development version is only available on GitHub. The XSeen external file includes all open-source external libraries that are used. This includes THREE.js,. TWEEN, WebVR, and jQuery. All files are available in a minified and expanded version except the external file. The external file is provided for convenience.

Releases in

  1. Language/run-time code (choose one)
    1. V0.6 – latest production release (minified)
    2. V0.7rc1 – Release candidate 1 for V0.7 (minified)
  2. XSeen CSS
  3. XSeen External file

GitHub Repository

  1. Primary (master) branch
  2. Development branch

If you wish to directly use the latest released version of XSeen in your code you can copy and paste the following statements into the head region of your HTML page

<script src=''></script>
<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href=''>
<script src=''></script>

It is highly recommended that you use the Release Candidate version of XSeen as it contains the latest tested enhancements. There is a backwards incompatibility between V0.6 and V0.7. See the release information for V0.7 for details.