The label tag creates a visible relationship (line) between an HTML child div and one or more XSeen objects. Each XSeen label tag creates at most one annotation region (aka label) on the display. Only the first HTML child div is used to create a label. Each annotation region fixed, movable, or object tracking. There are CSS classes that provide a standard styling and controls on those regions. The leader child tag provides the relationship between the annotation region and the XSeen object.

The annotation regions exist on the HTML page and are not restricted to the XSeen region of the page. Their XSeen position is at the near clipping plane to the camera. This puts the object in front of all other XSeen objects. The leader line is always drawn from the center of the div‘s tag box center.

  • type – Indicates the location type of the annotation region. Legal values are ‘fixed’, ‘draggable’, ‘tracking’. The value of this attribute is case insensitive. It is recommended that the XSeen CSS class ‘xseen-label’ be used or extended.
    fixed – Indicates that the annotation region does not move (of course, this can be moved using normal CSS/HTML-DOM mechanism).
    draggable – Indicates that the annotation region is user-draggable over the HTML page. This is implemented via CSS and XSeen mouse event handlers on the region. Handled events do not bubble after handling. The CSS class ‘xseen-label-drag’ extends ‘xseen-label’ for this styling.
    tracking – Indicates that the annotation region maintain its initial relative position to the annotated object. If the object moves in the scene (either because of annotation or a change in camera position or orientation, then the annotation region’s position also changes.
  • leadercolor – The color of the leader line from the center of the annotation region. Multiple lines may be drawn all with the same color. See Data Types -> Color for a description of options.