The class3d tag groups multiple style3d tags into a single style rule set. This tag does not add features, but consolidates definitions much like CSS styles do for HTML tags. A class3d tag contains the definition for a one or more attribute using the style3d tag. It may appear anywhere with the XSeen node set, but must be declared before its definition is used.

Multiple style rules are referenced by the class3d’s HTML id attribute. Other tags may reference a class3d tag by referencing the class3d’s id attribute in the tag’s class3d attribute. class3d is a global XSeen attribute that is similar to HTML’s class attribute. Multiple id’s may be specified in a single class3d attribute value. Individual id’s are space separated. Values specified with a style3d tag are applied prior to any defined attributes for that particular tag.

If any style3d value changes during runtime of a parent class3d , then that value is propagated through XSeen. All tags that match the criteria given class3d’s selector are notified that an input has changed. All rule values are passed  to the target tag. The target tag determines what needs to be done. Most of the time the target tag will change its state to correspond to the change in the style rule.

  • id – The HTML id of the node. This is used to label this rule so it can be referenced by other tags using the class3d attribute.
  • selector – A DOM selector string that identifies tags that are notified of a change to an input value. Any legal value to the document.querySelectorAll method is allowed. If no value is present, then no tags are notified of the change. This value is only used during runtime. If this tag is a child of class3d, then this value is ignored.


class3d defines a collection of style3d XSeen style rules. These rules are used to provide custom values to all XSeen tags that reference this this tag’s id. After parsing is complete and the render loop has started, a change to this tag’s attributes is propagate to all XSeen tags that match the class3d’s selector’s value.